What is after the first 1. 2. 3. 4. steps ?

RPI Info RPI 1-Wire ® RPI 1-Wire ® Temperature (DS18B20) RPI i2c. RPI i2c. 16 LED Output (MCP23017)

RPI Info

Price found on http://raspberrypi.rsdelivers.com US $ 57.48 with shipping to Denmark (July 2013) (Type B Single Board Computer 512MB )

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Right now June 2013, there is 3 revisions of the raspberry pi

1 Raspberry Pi Model A - 256MB RAM, one USB port and no Ethernet
2 Raspberry Pi Model B - 512MB RAM, 2 USB port and an Ethernet port
3 Raspberry Pi Model B PCB Revision 2.0 - 512MB RAM, 2 USB port and an Ethernet port, With soldering - possible of 2 GPIO or 1 I2C interface more

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My quick install gude..

Raspberry hbn image
Prepare a Raspberry pi with supported os my prefered is
Download and extract Raspbian “wheezy” Direct download my server (2013-05-25)

Download and Install Win32DiskImager.exe Direct download my server (v0.8)

Make SD card with Win32DiskImager.exe (on windows) (4 GB or greater recomended, but workes with 2 GB card)
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Press "Write"

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Press "Yes" if it is okay to delete the selected SD card

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When "Done"

Remove the card, and place it in Raspberry pi.

Boot the Raspberry
if connecting by ssh - look after ip address..
- - - - - - - - - - - - Then connect to the Raspberry with ssh putty Direct download my server (v0.62)

Username: pi Password: raspberry

Normaly i do the following changes.

sudo raspi-config
Expand filesystem
Setup TimeZone - 4 Internationalisation Options > I2 Change Timezone > Europe > GMT+2
Setup Keyboard - 4 Internationalisation Options > I3 Change Keyboard Layout Set the keyboard layout to match your keyboar

sudo bash
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade


## Extra support i often use:
sudo bash
## Install BC (math)
apt-get install bc

## Install Snmp deamon
apt-get install snmpd

## Install snmp tools
apt-get install snmp
## Test af snmp
snmpwalk -v2c -c public localhost

## Install samba server
apt-get install samba
apt-get install samba-common-bin
vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
service samba restart
smbpasswd -a pi
## USB auto mount
apt-get install autofs