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PCB Info List

PCB List

While playing around with varius PCB layouts - i desided to publish it too

BoardID Verifyed Description
A1 N/A A1 - Universal output 74HC595-8 out Rev001
A2 N/A A2 - Universal output 74HC595-16 out Rev002
A2 N/A A3 - Universal output 74HC595-24 out Rev001
AA 2014-08 AA - AA 6X74HC595-48 LED-REV 004
AB 2014-10 AB - 6X74HC595-16 RGB LED-REV 002
Software i use

Software Description Local link Remote link
Eagle 6.5.0 Eagle 6.5.0 installation My Server External Link
Eagle 567.dk lib (Eagle 6.5.0) Eagle 567.dk-HW-REV001.lbr with my selected components My Server .